Ayyy Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here in the cold north of Norway we finally got wifi and computers to put in our snowcaves, so I could finally start my dream – to have my own blog!..
Well, it didn’t work out quite that way, haha.. But I FINALLY DID IT! For so long I’ve thought about starting a blog, but it has just stopped there with the talking. I’ve spent some time reading about blogging and how to do it, but with some pushing from my boyfriend yesterday, I just sat down, logged into wordpress.com and created a site. Sometimes you just need to act and do the learning on the way.

When I was a little girl I always had a diary, and I loved to sit in my own world writing down every single thing I had on my mind. It was all about which boy I was in love with, and how much I loved him, because wow, that was higher than the tallest scyscraper on earth! I promise you that! And about how I was going to be a superstar when I grew up; I even practiced on how I was going to sign my autograph as I went down the red carpet.. And one more thing, I remember I had drawings of the outfit for the first day of school after summervacation.. God, I don’t want to think about what the fashion police would have done to me.. haha! It defintly looked better in my mind than in real life. Ever experienced that? That is for sure something I still do.
But yeah, as you can see, my diary consisted of basically just everything a puberty hormonfreak would have in mind.
Now I can do this again, but in a little bit different kind of way.  I have always loved to write, and I have so much on my mind that I want to tell the world. This is going to be so exciting!

Some of you may wonder why I choosed wordpress, that’s because I’ve heard it’s a great platform to start a blog. And I wanted to write a blog in english so I can reach out to more people than to limit it to a norwegian blog in my language.

Well now I will relax for an hour before bed. I have made myself a challenge that I will go to bed within’ 22pm every day for a week. This is the last day of the first week, and I’ve almost made it every day. And hallelujah, after a good night sleep with 7-9 hours I feel like a superwoman comparing to if I have slept 4-6 hours.. In high school 5 – 6 hours was no problem, but now I have no chance…

But you will hear more from me tomorrow!
Take care and good night – or good morning for that matter!

XoXo Vic 22790212_10155745148059547_1440213414_o22768225_10155745148144547_744844749_o



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