Buenos dias Senõritas y Senõres!


As I’m sitting here with my breakfast gazing out the window at the dark cold autumn weather, I realise it’s under two weeks until I’m going on vacation to Fuerteventura. Yayyy, I can’t wait!!

Here in the south it has been a quite cold summer – in my opinion. And many people I’ve spoken with feel the same. It has been some nice days where the sun was shining and you could wear a summerdress or shorts without freezing, but you can almost count those days in one hand. So, you can just imagine how badly I’m looking forward to travel to a warmer climate, expecially since I’m the most freexzing person you will ever meet.

I’ve been to Fuerteventura one time before, it was actually last year. I expected a even more flat island than it was, haha! Last time I visited Fuerte, I was spending a lot of time surfing – of course. That island is a paradise for surfers. If it’s no waves on one side, it defintly some waves to catch on one of the other. I was joining first homegrown surfschool for 5 days, and Surf riders for 2 more days. And wow, it was so fun joining a school! It’s so much fun to go into the water with people which are at the same level as you. God, we had much fun!

At this trip it’s gonna be a lot of surfing for sure, but also I want to explore the Island a bit more than last time. Have you been to Fuerteventura before? Do you got any tips of things I must do or see?

Well, now I got to run to work! Have a nice day, every single one of you!

XoXo Vic

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