Check out this amazing hit either on spotify or HERE!! My friend Joakim Bjørnerem sings a song that his brother, Benjamin Bjørnerem has produced. Together they are making what I call firework! This is two really talented musicians. The rythm and flow combined with Joakim’s pure and powerful voice with his high peaks, gives me goosebumps all over my body. Because WOW, what a work and what a preformance! They both have all the reasons to be very proud of themself. I really hope they’re already thinking about making another project!

I got to know Joakim when we moved into a shared accommodation. In the beginning I remember I was wondering where all the sounds, whisteling and singing came from – but I quickly found out. He was singing everywhere; in the shower, the kitchen, bathroom, in the hallway, his room – EVERYWHERE. And you know what, I was amazed from the first time I heard him. He was SO good! And I loved to hear him sing either it was early in the morning or late in the evening. There was no need for me using spotify or youtube anymore to put it that way, haha 😉

The song has been on repeat all day long here – on my way to work, and back home again. JUST LOVE IT!! BIG ROUND OF APPLAUCE TO YOU GUYS! Keep ut the good work!

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