Bored during or while waiting when you travel? Here is 12 tips of things to do!

YAY! – I’m soon putting my feet on the ground on a place surrounded by the heat of the sun, the fresh ocean air, palmtrees, surfboard, good food, hikes and loads of fun with a really good company! I’m heading for Fuerteventura☀ The temperature down there, according to the weatherforecast is temperatures around 24 – 29 degrees. OH LORD, I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to put my bikini on😍

Take off is in the early morning from Berlin, so this moment me and David is on our way to the airport. We arrive there at 2am, so that means we need to wait for a couple of hours till’ check in. I love to travel, and it may sound kinda strange, but I rarely get bored even if it’s a long journey, or some time waiting.  That’s because there are loads of things to do while waiting. Here’s a list of tips to you guys:

1. Be a philosopher 💡

– Find your inner Sokrates; take a look out of the window and think of everything between heaven and earth. Just be, and let your thoughts flow.

2. Watch a good series🎬

– The time just flies when you have something fun or exciting to watch.

3. Listen to music 🎧🎵

– Put your earplugs in, leave the world out, and just dream away..

4. Read📖

What’s better than to dive into a good book or a magazine, or even some curriculum for your study.

5. Play games🃏

– If you’re travelling with someone you can play games with cards, or come up with some fun questions to ask eachother about. If you look up at the internet you can get tons of tips to a lot of questions you can ask. Even if it’s your best friend, boy-/ girlfriend or a familymember you may descover something new about them! Or you can make some fun challenges for eachother, haha! Your fantasy is the only limit!

6. Sleep 😴

– What’s more wonderful to do if you travel. If you have a long journey you surley feel tired after a while. And what’s better then to get some rest so you feel a bit awake and fresh when you arrive your destination🙏

8. Plan something important 🗓

– If you’re throwing a birthdayparty, all kinds of event, a vacation, your week, something for work or school – yeah anything – this time is a great opertunity to do it.

9. Make a phonecall or write a nice message📱

– Call or text a friend or familymember, maybe someone you haven’t talked to for a while. Everybody appriciates some attention (except from those who hates to speak in the phone, haha..😅).

10. Learn something new🔎 

– There are so many questions to ask in this world. Find out more about something you have a passion about or the things you question in life – either it’s about workout, food, travel, photo, cultures, psycology, the universe, something that’s relevant for your work and so on.. There are tons of themes. Read reasearch papers, use google, watch some videos at YouTube etc. There’s always something new to learn.

11. Unplug🔌

– If you’re living a hectical life where you wish there would be more hours in a day then there is, then you should defintly use some of the time to calm down. Turn off your phone and computer – take a break from social media, phonecalls, work, things that makes you stressed. Go inside yourself, and try to find the balance and peace within. Make your body and mind just breathe for a while.

12. Talk to a stranger👋 

This may sound kinda wierd and akward, but if you sit all by yourself and see a person beside you, why not go over and start a convo. There are many people out there with so many different experiences and stories to tell. It may suddenly be a very interesting travel break.

Well, as I have written we have arrived the airport and we’re quite exhausted right now, so I’ll take a powernap now.

I haven’t taken any good pictures yet, so I found someone from last year😉


Take care!

Xoxo Vic💋

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