IMG_20171119_171035_319Today I wanted to make something sweet and something with chocolate (because I love chocolate💖), so I ended up with making this tasty & superdelicious vegan, healty and no bake brownie. The recipe was found at the blog; She has so many tasty and superdelicious recipes – you should really check out her blog, and also her instagram @elavegan! A round of applause to her for the good work she does👏 I really love her blog, and I get water in my mouth everytime it pops up a pic from here on instagram😍 You are amazing! Keep up the great work, Ela!👑

So back to the cake, the great thing about it is that you only need 6 ingredients and it’s, as I’ve mentioned, a no bake brownie, which makes the cake so easy to make! For the best results it’s best to use a foodprocessor, but since I don’t have one, I used a blender machine.


One mistake I did was that I didn’t think I needed to soak the dates in hot water because they were very soft to begin with, but as I mixed them in the blender I found out it would be easier if I did. So I did it after I already mixed them for a while. Even though that’s something I should’ve done to begin with since I didn’t peel them before I mixed it. So I recommend you to really make sure they are soft enough before you put them in the processor.


The cake tasted SO good! My cravings for something sweet got cured with this delicious treat! I also made some vegan nana- icecream to have beside the cake🍌. FOODGASM💖

Try it out!

Wish all of you a great sunday! – Remember to upload your batteries so you have tons of good energy to kick some ass next week with your greatness!🔌




  1. You are so kind to mention me and link to my blog and Instagram! Thank you very much. I LOVED seeing your brownie photo on Instagram, it’s so beautiful. Really glad you like my recipe, Vic. So much love 💖


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