IMG_20171119_171035_319Today I wanted to make something sweet and something with chocolate (because I love chocolate💖), so I ended up with making this tasty & superdelicious vegan, healty and no bake brownie. The recipe was found at the blog; She has so many tasty and superdelicious recipes – you should really check out her blog, and also her instagram @elavegan! A round of applause to her for the good work she does👏 I really love her blog, and I get water in my mouth everytime it pops up a pic from here on instagram😍 You are amazing! Keep up the great work, Ela!👑

So back to the cake, the great thing about it is that you only need 6 ingredients and it’s, as I’ve mentioned, a no bake brownie, which makes the cake so easy to make! For the best results it’s best to use a foodprocessor, but since I don’t have one, I used a blender machine.


One mistake I did was that I didn’t think I needed to soak the dates in hot water because they were very soft to begin with, but as I mixed them in the blender I found out it would be easier if I did. So I did it after I already mixed them for a while. Even though that’s something I should’ve done to begin with since I didn’t peel them before I mixed it. So I recommend you to really make sure they are soft enough before you put them in the processor.


The cake tasted SO good! My cravings for something sweet got cured with this delicious treat! I also made some vegan nana- icecream to have beside the cake🍌. FOODGASM💖

Try it out!

Wish all of you a great sunday! – Remember to upload your batteries so you have tons of good energy to kick some ass next week with your greatness!🔌



Bored during or while waiting when you travel? Here is 12 tips of things to do!

YAY! – I’m soon putting my feet on the ground on a place surrounded by the heat of the sun, the fresh ocean air, palmtrees, surfboard, good food, hikes and loads of fun with a really good company! I’m heading for Fuerteventura☀ The temperature down there, according to the weatherforecast is temperatures around 24 – 29 degrees. OH LORD, I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to put my bikini on😍

Take off is in the early morning from Berlin, so this moment me and David is on our way to the airport. We arrive there at 2am, so that means we need to wait for a couple of hours till’ check in. I love to travel, and it may sound kinda strange, but I rarely get bored even if it’s a long journey, or some time waiting.  That’s because there are loads of things to do while waiting. Here’s a list of tips to you guys:

1. Be a philosopher 💡

– Find your inner Sokrates; take a look out of the window and think of everything between heaven and earth. Just be, and let your thoughts flow.

2. Watch a good series🎬

– The time just flies when you have something fun or exciting to watch.

3. Listen to music 🎧🎵

– Put your earplugs in, leave the world out, and just dream away..

4. Read📖

What’s better than to dive into a good book or a magazine, or even some curriculum for your study.

5. Play games🃏

– If you’re travelling with someone you can play games with cards, or come up with some fun questions to ask eachother about. If you look up at the internet you can get tons of tips to a lot of questions you can ask. Even if it’s your best friend, boy-/ girlfriend or a familymember you may descover something new about them! Or you can make some fun challenges for eachother, haha! Your fantasy is the only limit!

6. Sleep 😴

– What’s more wonderful to do if you travel. If you have a long journey you surley feel tired after a while. And what’s better then to get some rest so you feel a bit awake and fresh when you arrive your destination🙏

8. Plan something important 🗓

– If you’re throwing a birthdayparty, all kinds of event, a vacation, your week, something for work or school – yeah anything – this time is a great opertunity to do it.

9. Make a phonecall or write a nice message📱

– Call or text a friend or familymember, maybe someone you haven’t talked to for a while. Everybody appriciates some attention (except from those who hates to speak in the phone, haha..😅).

10. Learn something new🔎 

– There are so many questions to ask in this world. Find out more about something you have a passion about or the things you question in life – either it’s about workout, food, travel, photo, cultures, psycology, the universe, something that’s relevant for your work and so on.. There are tons of themes. Read reasearch papers, use google, watch some videos at YouTube etc. There’s always something new to learn.

11. Unplug🔌

– If you’re living a hectical life where you wish there would be more hours in a day then there is, then you should defintly use some of the time to calm down. Turn off your phone and computer – take a break from social media, phonecalls, work, things that makes you stressed. Go inside yourself, and try to find the balance and peace within. Make your body and mind just breathe for a while.

12. Talk to a stranger👋 

This may sound kinda wierd and akward, but if you sit all by yourself and see a person beside you, why not go over and start a convo. There are many people out there with so many different experiences and stories to tell. It may suddenly be a very interesting travel break.

Well, as I have written we have arrived the airport and we’re quite exhausted right now, so I’ll take a powernap now.

I haven’t taken any good pictures yet, so I found someone from last year😉


Take care!

Xoxo Vic💋



Check out this amazing hit either on spotify or HERE!! My friend Joakim Bjørnerem sings a song that his brother, Benjamin Bjørnerem has produced. Together they are making what I call firework! This is two really talented musicians. The rythm and flow combined with Joakim’s pure and powerful voice with his high peaks, gives me goosebumps all over my body. Because WOW, what a work and what a preformance! They both have all the reasons to be very proud of themself. I really hope they’re already thinking about making another project!

I got to know Joakim when we moved into a shared accommodation. In the beginning I remember I was wondering where all the sounds, whisteling and singing came from – but I quickly found out. He was singing everywhere; in the shower, the kitchen, bathroom, in the hallway, his room – EVERYWHERE. And you know what, I was amazed from the first time I heard him. He was SO good! And I loved to hear him sing either it was early in the morning or late in the evening. There was no need for me using spotify or youtube anymore to put it that way, haha 😉

The song has been on repeat all day long here – on my way to work, and back home again. JUST LOVE IT!! BIG ROUND OF APPLAUCE TO YOU GUYS! Keep ut the good work!

Buenos dias Senõritas y Senõres!


As I’m sitting here with my breakfast gazing out the window at the dark cold autumn weather, I realise it’s under two weeks until I’m going on vacation to Fuerteventura. Yayyy, I can’t wait!!

Here in the south it has been a quite cold summer – in my opinion. And many people I’ve spoken with feel the same. It has been some nice days where the sun was shining and you could wear a summerdress or shorts without freezing, but you can almost count those days in one hand. So, you can just imagine how badly I’m looking forward to travel to a warmer climate, expecially since I’m the most freexzing person you will ever meet.

I’ve been to Fuerteventura one time before, it was actually last year. I expected a even more flat island than it was, haha! Last time I visited Fuerte, I was spending a lot of time surfing – of course. That island is a paradise for surfers. If it’s no waves on one side, it defintly some waves to catch on one of the other. I was joining first homegrown surfschool for 5 days, and Surf riders for 2 more days. And wow, it was so fun joining a school! It’s so much fun to go into the water with people which are at the same level as you. God, we had much fun!

At this trip it’s gonna be a lot of surfing for sure, but also I want to explore the Island a bit more than last time. Have you been to Fuerteventura before? Do you got any tips of things I must do or see?

Well, now I got to run to work! Have a nice day, every single one of you!

XoXo Vic


Ayyy Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here in the cold north of Norway we finally got wifi and computers to put in our snowcaves, so I could finally start my dream – to have my own blog!..
Well, it didn’t work out quite that way, haha.. But I FINALLY DID IT! For so long I’ve thought about starting a blog, but it has just stopped there with the talking. I’ve spent some time reading about blogging and how to do it, but with some pushing from my boyfriend yesterday, I just sat down, logged into and created a site. Sometimes you just need to act and do the learning on the way.

When I was a little girl I always had a diary, and I loved to sit in my own world writing down every single thing I had on my mind. It was all about which boy I was in love with, and how much I loved him, because wow, that was higher than the tallest scyscraper on earth! I promise you that! And about how I was going to be a superstar when I grew up; I even practiced on how I was going to sign my autograph as I went down the red carpet.. And one more thing, I remember I had drawings of the outfit for the first day of school after summervacation.. God, I don’t want to think about what the fashion police would have done to me.. haha! It defintly looked better in my mind than in real life. Ever experienced that? That is for sure something I still do.
But yeah, as you can see, my diary consisted of basically just everything a puberty hormonfreak would have in mind.
Now I can do this again, but in a little bit different kind of way.  I have always loved to write, and I have so much on my mind that I want to tell the world. This is going to be so exciting!

Some of you may wonder why I choosed wordpress, that’s because I’ve heard it’s a great platform to start a blog. And I wanted to write a blog in english so I can reach out to more people than to limit it to a norwegian blog in my language.

Well now I will relax for an hour before bed. I have made myself a challenge that I will go to bed within’ 22pm every day for a week. This is the last day of the first week, and I’ve almost made it every day. And hallelujah, after a good night sleep with 7-9 hours I feel like a superwoman comparing to if I have slept 4-6 hours.. In high school 5 – 6 hours was no problem, but now I have no chance…

But you will hear more from me tomorrow!
Take care and good night – or good morning for that matter!

XoXo Vic 22790212_10155745148059547_1440213414_o22768225_10155745148144547_744844749_o